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Blow Breeze Episode 39 Eng Sub

Blow Breeze Episode 39 Eng Sub

Korean Drama Ep Blow Breeze Episode 39. Drama Eng Sub Blow Breeze Ep 39th. Download Korean Drama Ep Blow Breeze Ep 39. HD Video Blow Breeze Ep 39 .Director: Yoon Jae-Moon. Writer: Kim Sa-Kyung. Network: MBC.

Drama Cast
Son Ho-Jun
Oh Ji-Eun
Kim Hee-Jung
Lim Ji-Yeon.

Of the breeze blowing in about a 100 billion won worth of grandfather left no time for a long time, now and then learned that he had a son after the story

Lin Zhiyan in drama in the played clear, and happy and active of girl “gold Breeze (김미풍)”, as Pyongyang dance University of students, personality cute, and pride strong, alias is “North Han Jin spoon (북한금수저)”, she was called “Pyongyang big sauce female”, famous to if in Pyongyang not know who is gold breeze, that people is South Korea spy of degree, in after more times twists and turns Hou, she success off North, in South Korea as “off North female” life.

Brokerage company Huayi Brothers said: “Ji-Yeon Im in the TV series before filming, trying to practice in the dialect of North Korea, hopefully this works, let everyone see her different charm, please don’t hesitate to look forward to. “And this is Ji-Yeon Im debut starred in MBC drama for the first time in two years.

In addition, the blow, the breeze tells a grandfather who owns billions of won assets, in the remaining time after time knowing children by chance the story, premiered on August 20 of the homes and things.

Blow Breeze Episode 39 Eng Sub
Blow Breeze Episode 39 Eng Sub

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